Belton MO lawn mowing

Belton MO lawn mowingFor lawn mowing and landscaping in Belton, MO Garden Gate Landscaping is the obvious choice. With all of the lawn mowing and landscaping companies in Belton it is very easy to get overwhelemed with options.  How do you know which one will not only give you the “best service at a reasonable price” but will give you a unique experience.

So, why choose us?  Aren’t all lawn mowing and landscaping companies the same?  Let us explain.  Did you know that you can go to school and get a degree in Turf Management? How about getting a Certificate in Horticulture? That is correct, maintaining your lawn and landscape is a whole lot more than hiring your neighborhood kid to mow your lawn for $20 bucks. Here is some more good news, Garden Gate Landscaping has a degree in Turf Management with a Certificate in Horticulture.

Though there are a lot of companies that offer a few services, our company offers all of the services that you will need to keep your lawn and landscape at your house looking amazing.  If you need weekly mowings, lawn maintenance, landscape design or landscape install, we have everything needed to take care of you.  Imagine turning your dream into a living breathing reality.  Imagine giving a whole new life and feel to your house.  Your yard is the first impression of your house and it is the main impression for all of the passerbyers.  Why believe us?  Of course we are going to tell you that we are the best thing to happen since the invention of the gas lawn mower right?  And we are going to sound like all of the other Belton, MO lawn mowing companies that say “Top notch customer service,” “quality,” “professional”.  Go ahead and checkout our reviews on google to see what our clients have to say about us.  Then have us out and see for yourself.

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