Flowering Trees kc moPlanting trees in Kansas City is not only beneficial to us and our planet but esthetically pleasing to the eye.  They remove CO2 from our atmosphere while releasing oxygen back into the air.  Basically, in short, they clean the air as do other plants.  Trees can take up to 20 years before they are fully mature, some are very slow growing while others grow more rapidly.  But once they are established, can add an array of benefits, from reducing home energy by blocking sun light from coming into your home or office and in the winter the sun can peak through and add warmth.  The best time to plant trees is during early Spring and late Fall, that is when the climate is at a moderate level.  Trees are also a investment, adding value to your home once planted.  Before you plant a tree do your research or call a professional, like us to help you out!

There are a ton of different types of trees to plant here in the Kansas City, Missouri area.  Contact us to help you out with your tree planting project.