Drainage Solutions

Are you worried about water around your yard or foundation in Kansas City?  Many Kansas City home owners do not realize how many foundation and water issues can stem from your outdoor landscaping.

A lot of Kansas City home owners worry about rain water running down their foundation and leaking into their basements.  There are many steps that Garden Gate can take to help shed water away from your foundation.

We can install drain systems that divert water from a area.

We can bury drains off of your gutter down spouts, which is a great way to shed water from your home.

We can address low areas by adding or removing topsoil as well as sloping and regrading.

Even the use of rock in a wet area can be used as a dry river creek, It will functionally work for shedding water.  As a bonus when done right can be very esthetically pleaseing.


*Tip*  During dry months lay a soaker hose around your foundation and slowly keep watering to avoid any soil separation from your foundation.