Olathe Landscaping and Lawn Care

Olathe Kansas is flooded with landscaping companies. But if you find yourself looking through their websites, they all sound the same. You know, “As the best Olathe landscaping company, we are built on trust, integrity, quality and above all customer service.” But those words have become white noise to our ears. So how do we find the truth in the white noise? Let’s talk about a two things that are very important in the landscaping business.

First off, lets talk about supplies and products. Every Olathe landscaping company is going to claim to use the best products available on the market. The truth is that most landscapers have one store that they go to to get all of their supplies and products. Ideally, you will find out what store offers the best mulch, then you get you mulch there. Then you find out what store offers the best stones, then you get your stones from there. So on and so forth. The issue that a landscaping company will run into if they are truly using the “best landscaping products on the market” is that they will have to spend the time driving around to pick up their supplies from different stores. It is a lot of hassle for the landscaping company. It is a whole lot easier to go to one store that has pretty good everything. Pretty good is not “the best landscaping products on the market” though.

Secondly, let’s talk about that dirty old phrase “customer service.” Every landscaping company in Olathe claims to have it but few follow through on there claims. Simply put, good marketing makes a promise to the potential customer. Good customer service makes good on that marketing promise when that potential customer becomes an actual customer. There are a ton of landscapers out there that are great at making promises but very few that are great at keeping them. Make sure to take a look at their reviews. What are their actual customers saying?

At Garden Gate Landscaping, we make it a point to search high and low to figure out what stores actually sell the best supplies and products. If store x carries the best stones, we will get stones for your project there. If store y carries the best mulch, we will get mulch for your project there. Even though it takes a lot of time to drive to all of the different stores to get our products and supplies, we love the feeling of knowing that we actually gave you the best that is out there for your landscaping.

Let’s talk about that dirty phrase “customer service” again. Instead of telling you what awesome customer service we have, we would prefer that you hear what our customers say about us. Check out our online and google reviews. Ask us about the different projects we have performed. Ask us for the testimonies from those projects. The point is, check our reviews, hear our customer testimonials and read what our actual customers are saying about our level of customer service. They will all tell you that we follow through on the promises we make.

Go ahead and shoot us a call with any of your Olathe Kansas landscaping needs.